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Challenging and deliberate puzzle game

ORIGAMe is a puzzle game where you swipe triangles to create matching color pyramidal triangles. If that's a confusing description, you move different colored triangles to create larger triangles to score points.

This can also lead to long combo striings if you think ahead. The game is different from other puzzle games because it's not about speed, but strategy.

Precision required

ORIGAMe is different from puzzle games because it doesn't use a timer or try to frustrate you. ORIGAMe uses a move count that lowers each time you make a move. When you clear a section, you earn additional moves.

Each swipe only moves a colored triangle in one direction so you have to carefully plan your moves. The board that you use is spearated by points and triangles can be match in any direction so you may be rotating your iOS device to find new solutions.

Easy to play, difficult to master

The great thing about ORIGAMe is that it doesn't force you to make moves within a certain time limit. You are able to carefully plan moves and figure out the best strategy. But with that in mind, the game is challenging and doesn't have different difficultly levels.

While it may be easy to start, it doesn't take long until you're staring at the screen trying to find your next move. One issue is that ORIGAMe uses traditional Japanese colors which are muted and similar to each other. The game needs contrasting colors for the triangles which would make it a bit easier to see the differences.

A great brain teaser

ORIGAMe is a great puzzle game because it's not about reactions, but strategy. The game is diffcult and it will take a long time to even be an average player.

But like most great puzzles, when you start being able to find your strategy, ORIGAMe is a lot of fun.


  • Challenging
  • Focused on strategy


  • Colors are muted and similar
  • No difficulty options


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ORIGAMe 2.8 for iPhone


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